Megadeth’s music is undeniably awesome. But what songs are essential listening? Well here’s our list of our favorite Megadeth songs!

“Washington is Next!” is an excellent example of Megadeth’s return to form in 2007. This song shows the thrash metal roots that longtime fans craved with a lot of the musicality that newer fans had come to expect. The beat and lyrics are mesmerizing and headbanging awesome! 

Next we have to check out “Wake Up Dead”, which is the band’s first ever single. This song has a high energy pace that leave most guitarists in the dust to keep up. And it has this incredible story about infidelity that has to be heard to be believed. It’s strong metal that you won’t be able to ignore.

Finally, be sure to check out “Holy Wars…the Punishment Due”. This song combines two separate songs into what could be Megadeth’s career showpiece. The song features some of the band’s strongest guitar riffs of all time with lyrics that tell thoughtful and disturbing stories. Both parts of the song are excellent showcases of Mustaine’s limitless talents.